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links on building websites

tips and tricks that give background on the design and construction of websites

With XML many said our interfacing or IPC problems where solved. XML then soon could be used for anything, could it? Now, thinking about building a webshop I thought I might need AJAX and experimented with it. I think AJAX can come in handy but would then probably use JSON or Javascript for the protocol. See my experiment and findings.

With Firefox 1.5 many started to complain about the way it is positioning background images. Bugzilla is flourishing. Here find a iminc demo/test and explanation on the behavior.

In PHP there are some routines to in/on a picture draw text. These come in handy when generating buttons 'on the fly' or for instance when protecting images with a copyright. The routines are: imageftbbox() and imagefttext(). Unfortunately these routines are not documented. On the web many misunderstandings are published by people trying to be helpful. Here you can see that it yet is possible to make things work.

Now that we let Google decide what the internet is made of, we need to adhere to its rules of proper site building. They want us, the site builders, to do more and more work for their software to understand what our sites are made up of. One fo those works is to make sure that the listed keywords, http-equiv=keywords, actually occur in the HTML content. Here is a iminc tool to help you judge your keywords in the context of your content.

Are you finding it dificult to come with pleasing combinations of colors, a color scheme for your web pages? It is hard to, with the RGB color cube in the back of your head, decide on colors. Iminc wrote a generator that, using a randomizer, comes up with pleasing color schemes listing the hexadecimal color values applied.

Andf what about making a (html) color lighter or darker. Quite difficult to guess a color-number in a three-dimensional color space. Use this color fader to find a lighter or darker color than the one you already had.